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Founded by experienced personal injury and commercial litigation attorneys, the Memphis trial lawyers at Wolff Ardis are dedicated to providing superior legal representation to individuals and businesses not only in Tennessee, but throughout the United States. The firm has successfully handled all types of personal injury and commercial litigation cases, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for clients from places as varied as Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, Utah, and the United Kingdom.

Memphis Products Liability Attorneys

Known for its seasoned staff and cutting-edge technology, Wolff Ardis is a full-service firm that works overtime to meet increasingly complex client needs. Whether you were harmed by a defective product, corporate malfeasance, or professional negligence, Wolff Ardis is committed to helping you achieve the best outcome possible in your case. Experienced Memphis products liability lawyers and highly-trained staff identify all liable parties and pursue the most effective strategy to prevail at trial or through a settlement. Wolff Ardis’s innovative approach to complex legal matters has earned it a loyal and sophisticated client base throughout the country.

In product liability actions, generally an injured victim must show that a defect in the product caused harm to the victim. Manufacturers of defective products are “strictly liable” for any injury that results. The rationale behind strict liability is to hold manufacturers financially responsible for the injury because they are in the best position to correct product defects and warn consumers of danger. Manufacturers can therefore be held strictly liable to victims injured by defective motor vehicles, agricultural equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. The responsible manufacturer must compensate the victim for any damages arising out of the injury, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, future earnings, and other benefits. Our Memphis products liability attorneys can help you determine the amount of damages you may be entitled to.

While products liability actions involve some form of physical injury, commercial cases generally focus on financial harm. Like people, corporations and the people who run them can also be negligent, resulting in serious financial losses to the institution itself, its investors and shareholders. The negligent officers and directors can be held accountable, both personally and through insurance, and the victim is often protected from their negligence.

Commercial litigation can often implicate multiple insurance policies and claims. Financial institutions are required to carry a financial institution bond to protect against financial loss in the event of employee dishonesty, burglary, robbery, forgery, and similar crimes. Wolff Ardis has extensive experience litigating fidelity bond claims and claims against insurers for bad faith. Our experienced Memphis products liability lawyers thoroughly review the policy language, drafting history, and current legal interpretations to ensure the maximum recovery possible in each case. From years of working closely with U.S. and European carriers, our lawyers have developed a unique relationship with the people behind the process, leading to a faster resolution of insurance claims. The firm has successfully represented both carriers and policy holders in bad faith insurance claims.

The experienced Memphis personal injury and commercial litigation attorneys of Wolff Ardis are at the forefront of defending the rights of injured victims across Tennessee and the United States. By controlling the growth of the firm, Wolff Ardis is able to provide the highest quality legal services to each client. Clients who hire Wolff Ardis harness the knowledge and experience of all its stellar attorneys, renowned for their team-oriented and solution-driven approach. They also benefit from the excellent support staff and state-of-the-art technology for which our law firm has become known. At Wolff Ardis, clients have the most advanced resources and dedicated professionals at their disposal. For effective, accessible, and client-focused representation, contact us at (901) 881-5730 or toll free at (877) 538-2754.

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